Meet William Joseph Epperlein

Epperleins Face

How can someone miss a red light and a family of three? William epperlein did. And this was not his first, or even second driving offense.

We owe it to ourselves as a community to enforce tougher penalties for people who repeatedly break the law, and ignore the consequences.

Epperlein is a "bad actor", meaning that his actions are...well...bad.  Let's get people like him off the street before they destroy another family.

Here is his rap sheet:

2015- failure to have auto insurance

2012- DUI, vehicle registration not current, failure to complete drug test

2010- speeding,  failure to complete traffic school

2009- extreme DUI, reckless driving

2007- obscene conduct

2005- extreme DUI

2002- excessive speed

2001- failure to yield

2000- DUI, reckless driving, unsafe lane change, excessive speed

1999- disorderly conduct

1997- theft