Our Approach

What Happened?

On her way home from the park with her 3-year-old son and 16-month-old daughter, Pamela Hesselbacher and the 2 children were hit by a Ford F150 truck. The driver of the truck, William J. Epperlein, was distracted and ran through the red light, hitting the family at over 45mph. Pamela died within minutes, and both children had to be taken to the highest level trauma center in Phoenix.

Our Story

Epperlein did not undergo any drug or alcohol testing and did not even spend the night in jail. Now, he is facing only a misdemeanor charge.  The penalties are the same as for littering within 20 feet of a freeway.  Taking a human life and littering should never be equated. It's not right!

Learn more about a separate senate bill that will change the legal requirements for drug and alcohol testing in cases of death or serious injury.

News Coverage of the Collision

The community was in shock in the days following the collision.

With the shock warn off, now it's time to make a change in the laws!

Neighborhood outraged that William Epperlein did not even spend a night in jail

Pamela's family asks the county attorney's office to press felony charges

Pamela's mom and sister talk about the kids road to recovery, and breaking the news to 3-year-old Ryan that his mom died.

Next Steps...

Show your support for Pamela's family. Together, we can make changes to our laws. Let's ensure that irresponsible and distracted drivers who injure other face consequences in line with the pain and suffering that they caused.

Use our simple tools to find your state representatives and tell them that you want them to support these changes in the law.