Victory! "Pam's law" (HB2522) has been signed into Arizona law by Governor Ducey. You can see the red-lined changes made to the law, in Pam's memory, here. we are so thankful for Representative Maria Syms, and all those who supported this bill.

It's Time For Change

Loopholes in Arizona state laws allow drivers with bad driving records to get away with murder. Literally.

Your Voice Matters

Want to help ensure that this never happens to another family?

Your state representatives need to hear from you.

A Family In Healing

"Every day I miss her. And her children will never know what an amazing mother they had."

It's Not Right.

It was only a matter of time before William Epperlein's numerous DUI , reckless driving and excessive speeding charges would lead to a tragic ending.  Until now, law enforcement officers could only do so much when someone with a suspended license chose to get behind the wheel, just as Epperlein did. Enough was enough.

A loophole in Arizona laws made it possible for Epperlein to potentially serve no time in jail for running a red light and killing Pamela in a crosswalk. He faced nominal fines of up to $2,000.

Meanwhile, Pamela's children will grow up without their mother. She was robbed of every moment of joy that a mother has the right to experience.... the first day of school, teaching them how to ride a bike, attending their weddings and so many more stolen moments.

It's was time to rewrite the law so that no Arizona family has to suffer this injustice again. So...we did.


Outraged? So Are we.

You can support Pamela's family by helping them amend the law. Together, we can make sure that no Arizona family has to suffer this injustice again.